The Gran Viaje

Time to Go

by Jordan


This is our beautiful new travel blog that Jordan has made. For all our nerdy friends, he made a post over here describing some of the features. If you feel inspired by our adventures, we would happy for you to join us for part of it!

We're just about ready to set off on our epic road trip, probably in the next day or two. Santiago does not seem to want to let us leave and has kept us for over a month now, between trip preparation, Jordan's contract work, and mechanical problems with the truck. Hopefully the last of the truck issues will be resolved by tomorrow and we will get to start as we're chomping at the bit to get going.

The plan so far is to head south along the Chilean Andes to northern Patagonia and then cross over the mountains into Argentina, then north along the other side of the Andes. We hope to get in a lot of snowboarding, and to see some of the most beautiful parts of Chile and Argentina.

We've had a wonderful time in Santiago thanks to our Chilean family Coni, Rodrigo, Clemente, and Enrique. Its been fun hanging out with all of our great friends here, and we will miss everyone so much.

¬°Besos y abrazos!

-- Cyrelle

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