The Gran Viaje

Ruta de los Siete Lagos and Villa Traful

by Jordan


From El Bolson we headed towards San Martin de los Andes (also recommended by Adrian) and we read in the guidebook that the most beautiful way to get there is to go by the Ruta de Siete Lagos. This is up there as one of the most beautiful areas I've seen yet in South America, along with Lago General Carrera near Coyhaique, Chile and the scenery of Macchu Picchu. Snow and forest covered mountains surround several mirror-like lakes all within a couple hours drive.

About 30 km off the route was Villa Traful, described as a "little village [enjoying] an almost achingly beautiful location surrounded by mountains on the southern banks of Lago Traful." That sounded pretty convincing so we decided on a detour. When we arrived we found the description was completely deserved. It is a tiny little town, half of which is empty vacation rentals hidden in the forest, and we found a beautiful cabaña to stay in that I wish we could haul along with us for the rest of our trip.

Our stay in Villa Traful consisted of waterfall hikes, cooking in our awesome cabaña, and lying on piers staring at the sparkly, shiny lake. It was the first time it was warm and sunny. Yay

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