The Gran Viaje


by Jordan


We had a great time here in the resort and the nearby town of Las Trancas. There are a ton of young people from all over the world who are either living here or traveling, and the town has a really friendly, inclusive kind of vibe. It is highly recommended to anyone in Chile and into snow sports.

We stayed in Las Trancas for two days and three nights. Jordan went snowboarding both days while I went to some termas (hot springs) one day and skied one day. Jordan took me on his favorite run (Tres Marias) which was supposedly "amazing and not too hard". We took a really long lift up to almost the top of the mountain and when we got off of the lift I realized quickly that I could not manage the difficulty very well. It took me 3 hours to get down the seemingly never ending 9km run. Next time I am sticking to easy slopes. :)

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