The Gran Viaje

Reserva Nacional Ralco

by Jordan


It took us two days to make it to Reserva Ralco so we stopped along the way and camped on the side of a lake at a private campground. It was open but no one ever came around so we stayed there for free again. We contributed to the local economy by feeding the visiting pig, piglets, goat and dogs some bread and old bananas. We had a good laugh at the goat who kept trying to head butt all the other animals. He also tried to head butt me when I tried to pet him.

The next day we reached the reserve around noon - again not a soul to be seen. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by araucaria trees and snowy mountains. We tried out a few different spots for camping but the wind was strong everywhere so we decided to park in a huge grove of araucaria trees. We woke up in the middle of the night when the wind blew off our tent's weather cover, se we sleepily stashed it in the truck. An hour later we up heard snow falling on the tent, so then we had to put the weather cover back on. Not the best sleep was had.

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