The Gran Viaje

We can't stay away from Santiago

by Jordan


In Mendoza we were right across the Argentinian/Chilean border from Santiago, and we decided we couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit friends one last time before we head north so we headed to our former home one last time. Luckily we again had no problems with the border crossing, even though our truck was being imported under new papers, which could have been a problem.

Also, I cracked the LCD screen of my camera a month before at Valle Grande and have been taking photos ever since without being able to see my subject, and Santiago was a great place to have it fixed. (This is our main excuse for our lackluster number of photos while in the gorgeous and very photo worthy Mendoza.) Since I broke my screen it was hard to enjoy taking photos and I was worried that I would be able to fix it for months since Argentina has a lot of import issues and didn't have the right parts. Even in Santiago it was $200 for the replacement of just a tiny sheet of LCD material, which is more than half of what the camera cost, but there was nothing else we could do.

We spent about a week in Santiago, staying in Adrian and Cecilia's lovely new apartment in Las Condes. Thanks so much guys! We were also lucky to be able to hang out with Guille, Coni, Rodrigo, Tania, and Kunal. We visited our favorite Korean restaurant, Sukine, plus a couple places we had never been to and were great.

Much of our time in Santiago was spent planning and creating an email marketing promotion for Jordan's family's craft business, Kit Kraft. They have an online store that has been around for years and has never done any email promotion and we thought the holidays were a great time to see if a marketing program could help the business. We've set everything up and will start sending emails in the next couple days. It will be exciting to see if it brings in orders.

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